And so it begins!

September 22nd has past and my journey has begun! So far, it’s been a great start.

The morning of my flight, my uncle treated my mom and me to a farewell breakfast at Sweet Maple. (If you’re reading this, thanks, Uncle Sterling! 🙂 ) They’re known for their millionaire’s bacon and deep fried french toast. It’s become a go-to place for my mom and me for special occasions… or when we just want to treat ourselves. A bit on the pricey side, but the food is so worth it!

After breakfast, my mom dropped me off at home to do some last minute packing (SUCH a headache >.<), while she ran out to get me a stash of my favorite Japanese snacks and a bento box for my flight (God bless her, she is literally the best). One wee bit emotional car ride and a 32kg checked bag later, I was boarding my plane and my Fulbright journey had begun!

But I couldn’t leave SF without an obligatory airport tilt photo! (I was focusing so hard on holding my leg up that I wasn’t thinking about my facial expression, whoops.)


The first leg of my flight was to Reykjavik, via Iceland Air. Unfortunately, a stopover wasn’t in my budget range, but I hope to go back for one sometime, perhaps on my way home!

My flight to Reykjavik was great! I had a fantastic seat mate, who was headed to hike in the Swiss Alps with some old high school friends. Our conversation lasted nearly two-thirds of the flight! I was amazed at how quickly the time passed.

My layover in Iceland was quite quick– only about an hour long. We had to walk outside from the gate to board the plane, and it was soooooo cold. 2 degrees Celsius! Thankfully everyone else was in a rush to get on the plane too.

Two hours later, I arrived in London! I stayed there for a few days with some friends before coming to Constanta. Will be writing a recap of London and my first few days in Constanta in my next posts. Leaving this one here for now–

‘Til soon!



One thought on “And so it begins!

  1. Prickly says:

    You’re more than welcome for breatkast at Sweet Maple. It was a treat for me, too. And thanks for sharing your visit to Word on the Water. I’m green with envy. Glad you enjoyed it.


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